Welcome to the website for the Town of Easton.  Here you will find information regarding all facets of Town business and activities. Please refer to the NH state website for COVID-19 related information.

  • The SelectBoard will meet on Saturday 8/6 at 9am at the cemetery on Paine Rd, and walk north until the Stevers’ property is reached.
  • The SelectBoard will meet on Sunday 8/7 at 9am at the Stevers’ property on Paine Rd, and walk north until the Cravens’ property is reached.
  • Tri-Town Transfer Station, Effective Immediately:

    Large Garbage Bags- $3.00 per single bag


    Small Garbage Bags – $2.00 per single bag

    Contractor Bags- $5.00 per single bag

    The new costs for all other materials will be posted at the Transfer Station.

  • The regular Easton Select Board meetings are conducted every other Monday at 6pm at the Town Hall.
    Last Tuesday of every Month, 1-3pm
    TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 3:30PM – 6:00PM
    Even though Town Hall will open for business, we will still accept automobile registration renewals through the mail. Please include a copy of your old registration and two signed checks (one made out to “NH DMV”, and one made out to “Town of Easton”). We will process your registration renewal and mail it back to you with copies of your checks, so please include your mailing address and phone contact.

Simply select any of the categories across the top or on the right of this page to find information related to:

Town Offices: To reach the Town Clerk for forms and information regarding Vehicle Registrations, Marriage Licenses, Property Tax Information (for tax information listed by owner, Parcel ID or address), Town Hall Rental, etc.

Office of the Selectmen:  For Meeting Minutes, Building Permit Applications, etc.

Planning Board:  For Tax Maps, Meeting Minutes, Zoning Ordinances, Subdivision Regulations, etc. We meet on the first Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm.

Conservation Commission:  We meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm.

Emergency Management Services and Fire DepartmentLearn about the activities and services provided by Easton Volunteer Fire Department.  Join the team!

Lafayette Regional School Board: For Meeting Minutes, special issues arising from membership in the Lafayette Regional School District, etc.

Trustees of The Trust Funds:  Meets every quarter.

Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) :   For  Meeting Minutes and decisions.

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