About Us.

Easton Volunteer Fire Department provides emergency services to the residents of Easton, and neighboring communities.  The department operates two fire trucks.

Working closely together with the fire departments of Franconia and Sugar Hill, Easton Fire Department fights home and property fires, provides emergency response to accidents and, administers fire related permits and education. 

Easton Volunteer Fire Department Association.  The Easton Volunteer Fire Department Association is a private initiative which raises funds for the enhancement of fire fighting capabilities, education, equipping, and betterment of Easton fire fighters and their work. 

Join our team!  The Easton Fire Department relies on volunteers.  Young and old, men and women, can join the team in various duties and make a difference.  For information or questions contact:  Kevin Ryan,  603-823-5291, or Darrel Gearhart, 603-823-7152.