Easton Planning Board

The Easton Planning Board meets on the 1st Thursday of each month at 6 PM.

Click on the links below to review Planning Board documents:

2019 Tax Maps – Index,  01,  02,   03,  04,  05,  060708

Easton Zoning Ordinance (Revised March 10, 2020)

Easton Subdivision Regulations (Revised 2020)

Easton Master Plan 2019

Application for Voluntary Merger

Application for Subdivision Approval Form 2020-03-04

Application for Subdivision Approval Checklist 2020-06-16

Application for Subdivision Approval Agent Authorization 2005-06

Application for Extension Agreement

Meeting Minutes:



Easton-Planning-Board-Hearing Minutes-1-29-2021


PB Minutes -2021-01-05 HEARING Format-2[4562]


Tri Board Minutes 12-15-2020



Easton Planning Board Minutes – 5-07-20

Easton Planning Board Minutes – 3-04-20

Easton Planning Board Minutes – 2-03-20

Easton Planning Board Minutes – 1-30-20 – Zoning Ordinance Hearing

Easton Planning Board Minutes – 1-14-20

Easton Planning Board Minutes – 1-08-20 – Zoning Ordinance Hearing

Easton Planning Board Minutes – 1-06-20

Previous Years Minutes

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