Emergency Management Services

Emergency Contacts

Police: 911
Ambulance: 911
Fire: 911
Road Agent: Presby Construction, 823-5298
Emergency Management Director: Ned Cutler, 823-5050

Volunteer Fire Department

Chief: Darrel Gearhart, 823-7152
Deputy Chief: Zak Mei, 823-7264
Secretary:  Tammy Gearhart
Department-wide General Email: eastonfiredepartment@gmail.com

Fire Warden:
Ned Cutler, 823-5050
Deputy Fire Wardens:
Darrel Gearhart, 823-7152
Zak Mei, 823-7264
Jason Arquitt

Volunteer Fire Department Information:  Administration. Training Opportunities, Join the Team, About Us.

In order to help us serve you better in an emergency, please fill out the Emergency Wellness Check Form and return it to the Easton Fire Department at
1040 Easton Valley RD, Easton, NH 03580.

If you wish to add information to the 9-1-1 database about a specific disabled person or hazardous situation at your house, please fill out the Supplemental Automatic Location Information Worksheet and return it to the address indicated on the form.

Code Red: Grafton County has instituted the CodeRED Emergency Notification System, an ultra high-speed telephone communication service for emergency notifications. This system allows us to telephone targeted areas of Grafton County in case of an emergency situation that requires immediate action (such as a missing child or evacuation notices). The system is capable of dialing thousands of phone numbers per hour. It then delivers our recorded message to a live person or an answering machine, making three attempts to connect to any number.

Temporary Shelter Location when activated:
Easton Town Hall

1060 Easton Valley Road

Evacuation Routes:
North: Rte 116 to I-93
South: Rte 116 to Rte 112 (East/West)
West: Sugar Hill Road to Easton Road (Sugar Hill)
West: Rte 116 to Rte 112 (West
East: Rte 116 to Rte 112 (East)


Recommendations: Install fire and carbon monoxide monitors and alarms.

North Country Health Consortium:  Find emergency preparedness tips for your area in the event of an outbreak.

Easton Hazard Mitigation Plan

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